How does Soberlink rule the breath analyzer Industry?

Soberlink uses the same fuel cell technology used in high-end workplaces and by law enforcement officers to administer a breathalyzer. Soberlink is able to provide a number of advantages over other devices and systems that track alcohol. It is one of the newer breathalyzers for alcohol monitoring that has come onto the market, and is already being used by law enforcement agencies as well as recovery centers for drug abuse. Soberlink is a breathalyzer that detects both alcohol consumption and alcohol consumption alone.

Professional Grade Device

The Soberlink Alcohol Monitor Device is a professional-grade, long-range, portable breathalyzer ideal for use in your home. The routine tests and live reports provided by Soberlink make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Remote Alcohol Monitoring is a hand-held breathalyzer that tests a person’s system for alcohol, and then relays this information to another party, like the other parent or Guardian. These apps for remote alcohol monitoring are more convenient than having to go in for a breathalyzer test at the facility (more convenient means that an individual is more likely to get a test). Soberlink, on the other hand, allows remote alcohol monitoring, and it combines Breathalyzer convenience with not having the device strapped to one’s body.

Comfort in Use

Soberlinks technology uses a handheld breathalyzer along with recovery management software that makes regular screenings of your alcohol intake a breeze. Soberlink provides live alcohol tests as an alternative or as an adjunct to standard urine tests.

To perform tests, a professional breathalyzer sends a monitored client’s alcohol levels, as well as verification of identification, directly into Soberlinks cloud-based management software, in real-time. Soberlink pairs the technology to conduct a breathalyzer with a cell phone, which transmits breathalyzer results directly to the cloud-based website so that a probation office can review them.

Highly Advanced face recognition

Soberlink uses cutting-edge facial recognition technology to confirm the identity of the person that is supposed to take each breath test. The new Soberlink medical device uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the customer for each breath test. Built-in safeguards include facial-recognition software to make sure that only the person who needs to be tested is allowed to use the Soberlink Device.

The new Soberlink Health device has received premarket approval by the US Food and Drug Administration for medical use by health care providers for remote detection of the amount of alcohol in human breath. Soberlink is a FDA-cleared medical device manufactured in the U.S., which provides for professional precision and reliability in device performance. The report shows not only how consistently the alcoholic used Soberlink, but what the alcoholics BAC might be if tested positively.  If you want to read more reviews about Soberlink then click on the link.