Dab torch light: All you need to know

A dab torch is an amazing tool that requires propane and butane. It makes a flame that is required to heat a dab, banger, and other tools. It is one of the necessary tools a dabber generally keeps in their toolbox. It comes in different sizes. Cannabis torches can be used in any weather conditions. It can blaze at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. While dabbing, the torch needs to be handled carefully. It may lead to skin burning and catching fire.

Usage of dab torch light

The process of heating a banger is very quick. It is like for a minute overall. You need to torch all around the banger to distribute the heat evenly. As soon as your banger starts glowing or becoming orange, it becomes ready. And what next you need to do is let it cool down slightly. Then you can start dabbing a concentration of cannabis.

There is confusion about choosing propane and butane in the dab torch lighter. Let me explain to you the difference between propane and butane. Butane is got a high heating point, so choosing a butane in torchlight is generally considered. It is suitable for all kinds of concentrate like shatter, budders, etc. Also, we must know that butane is used to remove the present impurities while, on the other hand, propane does not. Still need you to handle it with caution. And the high temperature with butane is up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to select the best

lets us know some helpful tips while selecting the best torch. So, while searching for this incredible torchlight, we need to keep in mind some of the safety measures, as the torch came with a plug for the refill. It may be avoided if there is a leak. Some of them came with auto-lock features inside them. There must be temperature control. Each concentrate has its different heating temperature. Some require higher temperatures while some need low. Always try to buy a torch with temperature control.

Generally, a 3” or 4” dab torch is required. But also it depends on the size of your rig. And another concern is that how often you use dab torchlight must be preferred accordingly.

Buying methods dab torch light

You can easily buy a dab torch light at cannabis dispensaries and smoke shops. Also, you can purchase through online retailers like dopeboo who are specialized in dabbing tools and accessories.