CBD oil for dogs – Everything you need to know as a pet owner

The best for your furry friend is always your priority as a dog owner. You go the extra mile to keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable. So, when a new wellness trend emerges, like CBD oil, questions arise. Cannabis and hemp plants contain a natural compound called cannabidiol. Unlike THC in marijuana, which causes a “high”, CBD is non-intoxicating. From treating anxiety and pain to supporting heart and brain health, people seek out CBD in various forms. With approval for medical uses in dogs, pet owners have more options to provide natural relief for common pup ailments.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

An understandable concern for any pet owner is safety. You want to know anything new you give your dog won’t cause them harm. The good news is CBD appears very safe for dogs. Still, you want to take some precautions when selecting and administering any new supplement. It’s important to understand how CBD works in the body and how to pick a high-quality product designed specifically with pets in mind.

When looking into the best cbd oil for dogs, first check that it’s manufactured for pet consumption. Many human CBD products contain additional ingredients not suitable for dogs. It should also undergo independent third-party testing to confirm it matches the label. Also, you should receive dosage instructions based on your dog’s weight. Following package instructions helps ensure your dog receives the intended benefits without adverse reactions.

It’s also key to select organically grown CBD oil derived from hemp. It minimizes exposure to toxins like pesticides that could be dangerous for dogs. When sourced responsibly from hemp, CBD itself is non-toxic. Even at very high doses, studies show dogs tolerate it without any hazards.

What are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs?

Now that you know CBD is safe for canine consumption, what exactly are the perks? Just like in people, CBD interacts with receptors in dogs’ bodies involved with key systems to elicit various responses. From pain and inflammation to anxiety and seizures, research into numerous conditions has shown encouraging results so far.

Pain relief – Many pet owners administer CBD to ease discomfort from joint pain and arthritis. Conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia make mobility difficult for dogs as they age. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may alleviate these aches and pains. By reducing swelling around injury sites, they regain freedom of movement and interest in normal activity.

Anti-anxiety effects – Dogs also deal with anxiety issues resulting in symptoms like shaking, pacing, whimpering, and aggressive or destructive behavior. Triggers range from separation distress to noise phobias like fear of thunderstorms or fireworks. Some dogs require medication to manage intense anxiety. CBD serves as a natural therapeutic option by altering brain chemistry similar to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It balances key neurotransmitters for improved emotional stability and relaxation.

Anti-seizure properties – Sadly, many dogs suffer from debilitating seizures. Various breeds are genetically predisposed, while factors like brain tumors also raise risk. Powerful anticonvulsant drugs carry side effects ranging from dizziness to liver disease. Controlling seizures with CBD both reduces frequency and allows lower doses of other medications. Consult your vet before adjusting any prescriptions though.